Country winner: Short Story Dry Gin

Mid-day online correspondent

By Mid-day online correspondent
Published Feb 28, 2024

Short Story Dry Gin has bagged a Gold Medal and declared as the ‘Country Winner’ for being the best London Dry Gin from India, at the World Gin Awards 2024

This classic London Dry Gin comes with a solid juniper backbone and pronounced notes of grapefruit, cubeb berries and lemon peel

Pankaj Balachandran:

"Our goal was to shift the perception and create a homegrown spirit that not only resonated with Indians but also instilled a sense of pride in consumption"


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Last year, Short Story’s spirits managed to bag multiple international awards in just their first year

All 3 spirits of the Short Story portfolio also swept Gold Medals at the Singapore World Spirits Competition 2023

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