Thailand senate approves same-sex marriage bill with overwhelming majority

Thailand's Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage, reported AP. With this, the country has become the first in Southeast Asia to enact such a law. As per the AP report, the marriage equality bill was passed with the approval of 130 of the 152 members of the Senate in attendance, with 4 v

18 June,2024 04:51 PM IST | Bangkok | mid-day online correspondent
When Yash's father Deepak (left) got to know, he was in shock but slowly understood; it was no different for Prem (right) when his daughter Madhvi came out to him. Photos Courtesy: Yash/Madhvi

Mid-Day Premium Shoutout to Indian fathers supporting their children from LGBTQIA+ community

When Bengaluru-based Prem Chandavarkar’s daughter Madhvi came out to him three years ago, he says "gender transition was a relatively alien concept to me". He explains, “Whole-heartedly accepting her choice was a no-brainer because her happiness on finally accepting her inherent identity was so evident. She was so much more focused and

16 June,2024 12:40 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
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Movies, mela and march: Celebrate Pride with these exciting events in Mumbai

Marching through queer history Get ready to celebrate the history and essence of Pride month with a queer walking tour organised by No Footprints. From visiting the Bahuchar Maa (goddess worshipped by the transgender community) temple to having lunch at a 19th-century queer hub, this tour will walk you through the community’s history.>&

16 June,2024 08:41 AM IST | Mumbai | Sanjeevni Iyer | Niyati Raut
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Get your hands on quirky Pride-themed brooches and badges

Frida’s spirit While the artist, Diti Mistry,  may not have modelled this brooch after Frida Kahlo, it certainly evokes the spirit of the legendary Mexican painter, who was openly bisexual. She describes this particular brooch as a symbol of equal rights and living with dignity. It is handmade using textile surplus.>>>ditimis

16 June,2024 08:36 AM IST | Mumbai | Anand Singh
Sushant Divgikr shops at her favourite Bandra shopping spot. Pic/Shadab Khan

Drag out the diva in you with Mumbai's ultimate queer fashion guide

You are never left wanting for flair if you are a drag artiste. And now, we’ve got Mumbai’s drag performers to spill the secrets of where they shop from. Whether it’s scanning the local bazaar to find just the right fabric for a custom-made outfit, or street shopping for jewellery, our drag divas know best. But the real kicker? We

16 June,2024 08:17 AM IST | Mumbai | Junisha Dama | Arpika Bhosale
Most of the queer people that Sunday mid-day spoke to suggested  Cat Café Studio as one of the most queer-friendly places in Mumbai

Safe spaces for queer folks in non-LGBTQiA+ settings in Mumbai

"The first Pride was a riot”—this slogan echoes the origins of the gay rights movement, born out of the confrontations between the New York City Police and activists outside the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York. Popularly known as the Stonewall Riots, the series of events marked a significant turning point in the

16 June,2024 07:49 AM IST | Mumbai | Sanjeevni Iyer
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Pride Month 2024: Here's why you can attend this queer party in Bandra

The quiet gaze party organised by The Gay Gaze Bombay this weekend will be nothing like your typical party in the city. Imagine the lights dimmed, mellow music playing in the background, a dancing guide, with everyone in their personal space. The party forms a part of the collective’s two-day long pride celebrations set to the theme of Bizarr

15 June,2024 09:21 AM IST | Mumbai | Devashish Kamble
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Mid-Day Premium Midday Special: Seeking non-discriminatory healthcare for LGBTQ+ patients

A recent qualitative study conducted by Lakshya Arora, P.M. Bhujang and Muthusamy Sivakami has brought to light the prevalent discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and others) in the healthcare domain.  The study revealed that "Most administrators and doctors in Indian hospi

14 June,2024 02:02 PM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi
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Pride Month: Why you need to check out these 5 new titles from LGBTQiA+ writers

1 The Sea Elephants by Shastri Akella Set in 1980s and ’90s India, Akella’s debut novel is concerned with ideas of rejection, grief, and reclamation. Dealing with a complicated relationship with his parents and having lost his twin sisters, Mud and Milk, the protagonist, Shagun Mathur, decides to enrol himself in an all-boys’ s

08 June,2024 09:10 AM IST | Mumbai | Nandini Varma
Pride Month is celebrated every June around the world. Photo Courtesy: The Resort

Pride Month 2024: Indulge in this brunch at The Resort in Mumbai this weekend

In honour of Pride Month, The Resort is hosting a special Pride Brunch this weekend at the High Tide restaurant on June 9. The food event is a celebration of love, diversity, and inclusivity, while welcoming all guests to join in the festivities. The Pride Brunch will feature a specially themed menu, comprising of the Rainbow cake, Chicken tikka w

05 June,2024 10:26 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
In Pic: Adele

Adele calls out audience member for homophobic comment at Las Vegas concert

International singer Adele yelled at an audience member after the person shouted ‘Pride sucks’. The singer, who's a massive advocate of LGBTQ+ rights, was hosting a concert at Las Vegas' Colosseum at Caesars Palace and gave it back to the audience member for his homophobic comment. Adele's concert coincidentally fell on the first day o

02 June,2024 04:30 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
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