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Dental cleaning is important to keep your teeth free from tartar and plaque. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: istock

Mid-Day Premium Can dental cleaning damage your teeth and gums?

The dental expert takes us through the dangers associated with teeth cleaning and reveals that excessive scraping during a dental clean-up may erode tooth enamel, which gives rise to oral problems

23 March,2023 11:54 AM IST

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Mid-Day Premium Only e-buses for us, says Thane civic body

The civic body runs a fleet of more than 300 public transport buses in the city, and has so far introduced 11 e-buses, including a few air-conditioned ones

23 March,2023 07:05 AM IST

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Dates are a delicious powerhouse of nutrition, perfect for boosting energy and enhancing body’s overall well-being. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Mid-Day Premium Explained: How dates are the world’s most complete meal in itself

The sultan of iftar, dates or Khajoor are one of the most standalone complete foods that provide the body with essential nutrition. Experts decode the miracle fruit and share the health benefits of incorporating dates in your diet

22 March,2023 11:06 AM IST

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According to officials, a large number of flyers coming into the city have tested positive for COVID. File pic/Sayyed Sameer Abedi

Mid-Day Premium Mumbai: All wards have Covid-19 cases; only one critical

Just another 26 patients have required hospitalisation, with 91 per cent cases asymptomatic as officials step up surveillance

22 March,2023 05:36 AM IST

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Image for representation: iStock

Mid-Day Premium Nutrition tips for Ramzan: How to healthfully navigate fasting in the holy month

If you follow a restrictive diet or have diabetes, fasting during Ramzan can be tricky. Health experts share nutrition tips to help you keep your health in order

21 March,2023 01:34 PM IST

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Every year, March 21 is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day. Image for representational purposes only. Photo Courtesy: Istock

Mid-Day Premium Impact of Down Syndrome on family caregivers and lack of awareness

Children and adults with Down Syndrome face a variety of challenges every day and even as their family and friends do as much as they can, they believe a lot more can be done to make their life easier

21 March,2023 12:04 PM IST

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Bhai Jagtap is currently MRCC president. File pic/Ashish Raje

Mid-Day Premium Is Mumbai Regional Congress Committee getting a new chief?

Talks of change of guard gain momentum; final decision to be taken by Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge

21 March,2023 06:13 AM IST

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Every year, International Day of Happiness is celebrated on March 20. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: istock

Mid-Day Premium International Day of Happiness 2023: Being happy through mindfulness

Wellness experts share actionable mindful practices that can be adapted in everyday lives to enhance happiness

20 March,2023 04:50 PM IST

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Every year, World Sparrow Day is celebrated on March 20 to raise awareness about the birds and their conservation. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Mid-Day Premium World Sparrow Day: How you can help make your Mumbai home suitable for sparrows

Sparrows are omnipresent but most often than not we may not stop to appreciate them like we would other colourful species of birds. Mid-day Online spoke to city birders to understand why we should celebrate them and how housing colonies are suitable for them

20 March,2023 09:43 AM IST

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A homeless man feeds stray dogs at Malad East. File Pic/Anurag Ahire

Mid-Day Premium Mumbai: Finally, census for stray dogs to get underway

BMC officials to use GPS-based method this time, exercise will cost Rs 12.67 lakh

20 March,2023 05:58 AM IST

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