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A high tide at Marine Drive in Mumbai. PTI Photo

Mid-Day Premium Is Mumbai prepared to weather the soaring sea level?

Mumbai, often referred to as the financial capital of India, is uniquely positioned along the Arabian Sea, bearing the brunt of nature`s fury during monsoon seasons. Its low-lying topography and densely populated areas make it exceptionally susceptible to the encroaching tides.

30 September,2023 11:24 AM IST

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Before addressing your partner, take some time for self-reflection. Image Courtesy: iStock

Mid-Day Premium Is your partner giving bare minimum to the relationship? Here`s how to navigate

Dating a bare minimum partner can be challenging. To assist you with this emotional and mental turmoil, we racked the brains of relationship experts on ways to deal with half-hearted lovers

30 September,2023 09:59 AM IST

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Taking a teaspoon of roasted fennel seeds after every meal reduces the risk of acidity. Image Courtesy: iStock

Mid-Day Premium Expert remedies to prevent heartburn and acid reflux

Acidity happens due to excessive production of acid in the stomach. While occasional acidity may not pose a significant health risk, chronic acidity can damage the digestive system

30 September,2023 09:58 AM IST

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The police has received more than 80 hoax calls this year. File pic

Mid-Day Premium Mumbai: Woman makes hoax calls about terrorist in city

Mentally ill 50-year-old has allegedly called the Mumbai Police control room 110 times since 2022

30 September,2023 07:03 AM IST

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The affinity towards black clothing among young people has been a recurring fashion trend for decades. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Mid-Day Premium Why some people are obsessed with wearing black clothes

It`s easy, classy and always in vogue. For many, wearing black clothes is an obsession they can’t seem to get over. We asked them why and here is what they had to say

29 September,2023 05:16 PM IST

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Shubman Gill and Rohit Sharma (Pic: AP/PTI)

Mid-Day Premium An opening pair like no other!

With each passing innings and the accumulation of century partnerships, their collaboration becomes the driving force behind India`s quest for World Cup glory in 2023

29 September,2023 11:31 AM IST

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Every year, October 1 is observed as International Coffee Day. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: istock

Mid-Day Premium Int`l Coffee Day 2023: Want to brew your own coffee at home? Experts share tips

Coffee is loved by many people in India, and this love often transcends into them wishing to brew their own coffee at home. If you are one of those, and don’t know how to start, don’t worry. Here is a complete guide for beginners to start brewing their own coffee at home

29 September,2023 11:19 AM IST

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For those residing in a fast-paced city like Mumbai, the risk of heart attack is believed to be more due to faulty lifestyles. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Mid-Day Premium Scared of dying from a heart attack? Health experts say managing fear is crucial

Does a minor shoulder or chest pain make you think you are getting a heart attack? The fear of heart attacks is common given the sudden rise in cases over the past few years. On World Heart Day 2023, health experts share ways to identify the difference between a heart attack and normal body pain

29 September,2023 11:01 AM IST

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At Smoke House Deli, chef Rollin Lasrado says to make the spiced coffee with ginger and cardamom, whereas Rohit Chadha, executive sous chef at JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu suggests giving a Mexican touch to your spiced coffee. Photo Courtesy: Smoke House Deli/JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

Mid-Day Premium From cinnamon to orange, this monsoon brew unique and original coffees

As monsoon is almost here, you must already be craving for coffee. The steaming hot cups of coffee will be by your side during the next few months while you sit in the comfort of your home and enjoy watching the rain fall

29 September,2023 07:54 AM IST

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The fascination towards sneakers is infectious and continues to turn a majority of young Indians into sneakerheads. Photo Courtesy: iStock/Campus Activewear

Mid-Day Premium ‘Sneakers are the new footwear king in India`

Be it Jordans, Dunks, Yeezy or sneakers from any other brands, they have become the epitome of style. Giving a fresh twist to lifestyle and fashion, the sneaker culture in India has taken Gen Z and Millennials by storm in recent years. There is hardly anyone today who remains untouched by the influence of this culture

28 September,2023 06:59 PM IST

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