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VTUVIA Electric Bike Review: SN100 and SF20 Models Tested

Updated on: 04 December,2023 05:35 PM IST  |  MUMBAI
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The clever folding shape of the SF20 makes it stand out and appeals to people who have limited space in their homes or businesses.

VTUVIA Electric Bike Review: SN100 and SF20 Models Tested

VTUVIA Electric Bike Review


One brand stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the enormous terrain of the electric bike industry: Vtuvia. This El Monte, California-based Canadian innovator has been at the vanguard of the electric bike revolution for more than 11 years. Vtuvia has established a remarkable reputation for pushing the limits of electric bicycling, specializing in fat tyres, folding mechanics, and mountain e-bikes. The SN100, a sturdy hunting big tyre e-bike carefully crafted for taller riders ranging from 5'8" to 6'5, stands out among their outstanding selection.

The clever folding shape of the SF20 makes it stand out and appeals to people who have limited space in their homes or businesses. This function allows you to easily incorporate the ebike into your lifestyle by improving storage choices and simplifying transit. In addition to being quite functional, this model has a ton of personalization choices so that riders can really make it their own.


Performance and Power:

The powerful 750W motor, which may reach a peak capacity of 1100W, is the engine of the SN100. Together with a powerful 48V 13Ah battery, this motor allows the bike to reach new heights both physically and figuratively. The dynamic pair offers an amazing 48 miles of range on a single charge in addition to an exciting ride. Because of this, the SN100 is the perfect travel companion for those looking to conquer mountain routes and difficult terrain. The SN100 e-bike, which is categorized as a Class 2 or Class 3 model, is not solely dependent on electricity. Its advanced seven-gear Shimano Shift System ensures that it may be adjusted to different types of terrain. Either riding on a level surface or ascending a steep hill, the SN100 offers a smooth and effective riding experience.


Designed for All Terrains:

The SN100's design, which was painstakingly made to navigate difficult terrain and climb mountains, is proof of its endurance and versatility. Its watertight construction is one of the main elements enhancing its toughness. This guarantees that riders may brave rain, snow, or other inclement weather with confidence as they go off on year-round excursions.

Any electric bike's battery is its heart, and the SN100 delivers on that promise. In addition to powering the bike, the detachable 48V 13Ah Lithium battery offers a degree of convenience that improves riding in general. By simply replacing the battery with a fully charged one, riders may prolong their journey without having to worry about running out of power.


Regarding tyres, the SN100 is equipped with 26" x 4.0 Kenda anti-puncture tyres. These durable tyres improve the bike's handling and stability in addition to offering a firm grip on a variety of surfaces.

The SN100's tyres provide a dependable and comfortable ride whether navigating city streets or severe terrain.

To improve the bike's off-road performance even more, Vtuvia added a Mozo front suspension fork. This function ensures a seamless and easy riding over a variety of terrains. Even in the most difficult circumstances, riders can maintain comfort and control thanks to the suspension system's ability to absorb shocks and vibrations. The SN100 guarantees a secure and fun riding experience whether negotiating rocky paths or descending steep slopes.

Innovation in Design:

Vtuvia has gone above and beyond to make sure that the SN100 is unique in both appearance and functionality. Every part of the bike exhibits meticulous attention to detail. The frame is an artistic creation that skillfully combines form and function, serving as more than just a structural element. A distinguishing feature of Vtuvia's designs, the folding mechanism offers a level of convenience for riders who might need to store or move the bike in confined locations.


Taller riders may benefit from the highly adjusted frame geometry of the SN100, which ensures a comfortable and ergonomic riding posture. The controls are thoughtfully positioned, and the bike's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to switch between the many functions and settings.

Vtuvia's SN100 stands out as a serious competitor in the electric bike market for anyone looking for a strong, dependable, and versatile e-bike. With its ability to navigate urban environments and conquer mountain terrain, the SN100 surpasses expectations.

The SN100, with its sturdy engine, powerful battery, and all-terrain design, is a prime example of Vtuvia's dedication to quality and innovation. The SN100 is prepared to satisfy the needs of both thrill-seekers searching for their next burst of adrenaline on the trails and ardent hunters looking for a dependable partner for their outdoor excursions.

The SN100 from Vtuvia is more than just an electric bike; it's a declaration about accepting difficulties, pushing the envelope, and riding with an exhilaration unlike anything you've ever experienced. The SN100 stands tall as a symbol of what's possible when passion, creativity, and quality collide in perfect harmony, and Vtuvia continues to lead the way in the electric bike business.

Reliability and Comfort:

The Vtuvia SN100 is a mountain bike that is made with precision from a sturdy frame made of 6061 aluminium alloy, and it claims to be dependable and comfortable to ride. The selection of materials enhances the bike's overall performance in addition to guaranteeing durability. The 6061 aluminium alloy provides a strong base for the SN100's capabilities by balancing weight and strength.


Three unique riding modes have been integrated into the SN100 by Vtuvia to improve the riding experience. The SN100 accommodates a range of riding styles, whether you choose to use the electric motor, rely just on pedal power, or utilise the Pedal Assist System (PAS). Riders may choose the degree of help with the 5-level Pedal Assist System, adding a unique element to the electric biking experience.

One noteworthy addition that significantly raises the SN100's dependability is the presence of hydraulic brakes. The precise and strong stopping force provided by hydraulic brakes is essential for negotiating difficult terrain. The quick braking system provides continuous and dependable stopping power, even when riders are navigating tricky routes or descending steep hills.

The SN100's low seat height and adjustable stem further add to its comfortable element. Since riders come in a variety of sizes and forms, Vtuvia has made the bike to fit a broad range of statures. Further customisation is possible thanks to the adjustable stem, which guarantees that every rider can find their ideal riding posture. This focus on ergonomics demonstrates Vtuvia's dedication to giving everyone a pleasant and joyful riding experience.

Affordability and Aesthetics:

A notable characteristic of the SN100 is its capacity to provide a comprehensive feature set without going over budget. Vtuvia has kept the pricing of the SN100 reasonable in spite of its remarkable performance capabilities. For riders looking for high-quality electric mountain bikes without the expensive price tag, this makes it an appealing alternative.

Beyond its low cost, the SN100 maintains its stylishness. Riders may select from a variety of colours, such as brilliant green, traditional black, camouflage for a rough appearance, and silver grey for a sleek and contemporary design. With so many colour options, bikers can show their individuality and style preferences and make their riding experience more unique.

Even with its curb weight of about seventy-two pounds, the SN100 has a well-thought-out design that makes it seem agile when driving. The bike's shape and weight distribution work together to provide a responsive and nimble ride. This is essential for riders who require a bike that can easily adjust to various riding circumstances since they may face a range of terrains, from narrow trails to wide roadways.

The SN100's overall utility is enhanced by its integrated headlight, which is especially useful for nighttime riding. Although the headlight is functional, several users have remarked that it might be brighter in order to improve safety. This small adjustment would boost the bike's visibility even more in low light, giving riders an additional degree of security when navigating highways or trails after dark.


Areas for Improvement:

Although the SN100 is excellent in many ways, user reviews have brought to light a little issue with the cadence sensors. A discernible lag during motor activation and deactivation has been noticed by a few riders. This delay can be problematic, especially in rough terrain when precise power delivery changes are needed quickly. It's important to note, though, that users may manually regulate the activation and deactivation of the motor using the live throttle. This is a solution for customers who might find the cadence sensors less sensitive in some circumstances.

The size of the 160mm rotors in the front and rear wheels should also be taken into account. Although adequate for normal riding circumstances, several riders have had difficulties when the rotors get blocked with muck, particularly when they are operating at maximum capacity. Some riders recommend upgrading to bigger 180mm rotors because they believe this upgrade will help the bike perform better in muddy or difficult terrain. This prospective improvement would allow riders to customise their bike to suit particular riding circumstances, which would be in line with the SN100's goal of conquering a variety of terrain.

An excellent electric hunting fat tyre e-bike that skillfully blends dependability, comfort, affordability, and style is the Vtuvia SN100. Even though there have been some recognised areas for improvement, they are often minor and can often be resolved by updates or user customisation. As Vtuvia keeps improving and innovating its products, the SN100 is a symbol of the company's dedication to provide a pleasurable and adaptable electric bike experience.

About Vtuvia:

An in-house research and development team that is committed to constant innovation and quality control distinguishes Vtuvia in the e-bike market. Vtuvia's online five-star rating is a testament to the brand's dependability. Offering a one-year warranty on electric controls and a two-year guarantee on mechanical parts, the firm shows that it is committed to providing satisfied customers with its goods.


Motor and Battery Specs:

The remarkable specs of the Reindeer ebike, which include a 750W hub motor producing 80Nm of torque, set it apart. With its rapid start and capacity to tackle slopes, its design guarantees top speeds of 28 mph. A detachable LG internal lithium-ion battery with a respectable 48V and 15Ah capacity powers the bike, providing an impressive range of up to 55 miles between charges. The battery is shielded by the semi-hidden design, which allows for quick and thorough charging.

Assist Options:

With its thumb throttle and 5-level pedal assist technology, the Reindeer ebike gives riders a wide variety of motor assistance and speed possibilities. The Reindeer ebike is a great option for riders looking for an electric bike that offers both power and range because of the well-balanced combination of its strong motor and large capacity battery.

Why You'll Love the Vtuvia SN100:

  • Super Strong Motor: It’s got a beast of a motor (750W) that really packs a punch for those tough trails.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Go the distance with a battery that keeps up with your adventures, offering up to 48 miles on a single charge.
  • Ready for Any Terrain: With tough anti-puncture tires and great suspension, this bike laughs in the face of rocky paths and bumpy roads.
  • Customize Your Ride: Whether you’re cruising or climbing hills, the adjustable pedal assist and gears mean your ride, your rules.
  • Built Tough and Safe: Its strong frame and trusty brakes will have your back no matter where you ride.
  • Comfort All the Way: Adjustable seats and handlebars make sure you’re always riding in comfort.
  • Stylish Without Breaking the Bank: It looks cool, comes in neat colors, and won’t empty your wallet.
  • Extra Handy Features: A foldable design for easy storage and a headlight for night rides add to its charm.

Things to Consider:

  • Sensor Quirks: Some folks noticed the motor can be a bit slow to kick in or stop, which might be tricky on tricky terrains.
  • Might Need a Rotor Upgrade: If you’re a mud-loving rider, you might want to beef up the rotors for extra oomph.
  • It’s a Bit Heavy: At seventy-two pounds, it's not the lightest, so keep that in mind if you need something super nimble.
  • Headlight Could Be Brighter: Great for a little light, but if you’re a night owl, you might want something stronger.


The SF20 Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike is the perfect partner for any modern rider looking for an electric bike that is both feature-rich and adaptable. The SF20 is made to fit your every requirement, whether you're a weekend adventurer or a daily commuter.

It offers the ideal balance of performance, style, and convenience. 

With its remarkable four color choices (Shiny Red, White, Black & Coral), the SF20 lets you show off your individual flair. Every rider may choose their own color, ranging from bold shades to more muted tones.


Not only can the seat be customized to your exact specifications, including a minimum seat height of 29 inches and a maximum of 34 inches, but it can also be adjusted to maximize your comfort while riding.

The SF20 performs admirably in terms of performance. With an innovative pedal assist system that adjusts to your output level, you can cruise at up to 28 mph.

“Pedal assist is a fantastic feature on an electric bike that works like a helping hand. When you turn it on and start pedaling, the motor gently kicks in, giving you an extra push, making your ride easier and more enjoyable, especially on those tough inclines!”

This e-bike offers a smooth and pleasurable riding experience whether you're riding off-road routes or through cities. The SF20 can go for extended rides without worrying about running out of power thanks to its range of up to 48 miles on a single charge (38 miles in pure electric mode and 48 miles with pedal assistance). The SF20 is easy to charge; just unplug the battery and let it run for five to six hours. There will be less downtime in between your bike escapades thanks to its rapid turnaround. The SF20's half-twist throttle adds to its convenience by simulating a motorbike while riding. Its step-through design makes getting on and off the bike simple, which makes it a great option for riders of all experience levels.


Why the VTUVIA SF20 is Awesome:

  • Pick Your Style: Choose from colors like Shiny Red or Coral and set the seat just right for you.
  • Zoom with Ease: Pedal assist lets you hit up to 28 mph – say goodbye to tough hills!
  • Charge and Go: Up to 48 miles per charge and quick to recharge in just 5-6 hours.
  • Hop On, Hop Off: Easy step-through design makes it a snap to get started or stop.

Keep in Mind:

  • Warranty Wins: Comes with a reassuring 2-year warranty.
  • Returns: Need to return it? There's a 15-day window, but it costs $150 for shipping and a 10% restocking fee.
  • Fast Answers: Questions? Their customer service replies in about 10 hours.

Warranty and Customer Service:

Vtuvia's warranty offers demonstrate their dedication to meeting consumer needs. Like every other Vtuvia e-bike, the Reindeer has a strong 2-year warranty. The firm also offers a 15-day return window; however, clients must pay a $150 return freight cost in addition to a 10% restocking fee. The customer care team is highly attentive and provides a 10-hour email reaction time, which further enhances the brand's dependability.


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