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IN PHOTOS: Want to eat cucumbers this summer? Try out these easy recipes to make salad, soup, kimchi

If you have always believed that one can’t do much with it, then Indian chefs tell you to think again as they share unique recipes to not only include them in soups and salads but also kimchi and rolls too

16 April,2024 11:32 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
Gudi Padwa is a spring festival celebrated on April 9 this year by communities along the western coast of India.

IN PHOTOS: Celebrate Gudi Padwa by following these recipes to make unique halwas from mangoes and jackfruit

Indian chefs say you can move beyond the suji halwa to make the dish a little more celebratory by not only using summer fruits like mangoes and jackfruit but also sweet potatoes and coconuts, as well as dates and walnuts for healthy versions

09 April,2024 01:08 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
The delicious preparation of mango pickles are not only enjoyed with dal-rice but also curd-rice and other vegetables.

IN PHOTOS: Follow these recipes to make traditional Indian mango pickles

Indian chefs share their family recipes that showcase India’s rich diversity in making mango pickles that from Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and more

02 April,2024 05:40 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
Many from Mumbai's Catholic community not only make marzipan Easter Eggs but also chocolate and decorate them with unique designs.

IN PHOTOS: How Mumbaikar's continue to make Easter eggs to follow their family's tradition

As members of the Catholic community get ready to celebrate Easter this Sunday, many will look forward to eating delicious Easter eggs, sweet treats that have made people happy for a long time

30 March,2024 08:01 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
Photo Courtesy: Badmaash/The Leela Ashtamudi

IN PHOTOS: Chefs share kokum-infused delights you must relish this summer season

Tingle your taste buds because it’s the official season to relish kokum's tangy and sour goodness. Here are six kokum-infused drinks and dishes you must try at home

30 March,2024 03:52 PM IST | Aakanksha Ahire
Diners in Mumbai can explore different kinds of cuisines from all over the world this Easter in Mumbai.

IN PHOTOS: Why you need to explore these food menus in Mumbai this Easter

As Easter is around the corner, many Mumbai restaurants are hosting lavish brunch, lunch and dinners that not only let you indulge in traditional food but food from all over the world

27 March,2024 11:24 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
Photo Courtesy: ITC Grand Central

IN PHOTOS: Why you must savour Kunafa, a Middle-Eastern dish prepared during Ramadan

Middle-Eastern desserts are famed globally due to their exotic nature and rich taste. One such Middle Eastern dessert is the Kunafa, consumed majorly across the Middle East, Levant, and North Africa during the holy month of Ramadan

22 March,2024 04:59 PM IST | Editor
The world celebrates International Waffle Day on March 25 to celebrate the dish, made popular by Belgium. Photos Courtesy: Pixabay

IN PHOTOS: How Indian chefs are changing the way you eat waffles with unique flavours

Indian chefs are experimenting with the flavours by not only adding  mango salsa but also pulled pork and smoked salmon onto their waffles

22 March,2024 04:13 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
Every year, the world celebrates Tiramisu Day on March 21. Photos Courtesy: Special Arrangement

IN PHOTOS: Follow these recipes to make unique variations of the classic tiramisu

As the world celebrates Tiramisu Day on March 21, Indian chefs want you to elevate the classic Italian dessert by adding seasonal fruits like mangoes and strawberries, or wine but also convert it into a cake

21 March,2024 08:29 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
Food lovers flock to Mohammad Ali Road for sizzling kebabs, sweet treats and refreshing drinks all made fresh for iftar. Image Courtesy: Manjeet Kumar Thakur

Seekh kebab to malpua: 13 mouthwatering iftar dishes to try at Mumbai's Mohammad Ali Road during Ramadan

With the onset of Ramadan, the famous khau galli at Mumbai's Mohammad Ali Road is oozing with lip-smacking dishes. The savoury fragrance of chicken cutlets, the sweet aroma of malpuas and the refreshing scent of mohabbat ka sharbat mingle in the air and holler foodies from every corner of the city. Here, are the top 13 delicious iftar treats to try at this khau gali during the month of Ramadan. Image Courtesy: Manjeet Kumar Thakur

19 March,2024 09:44 AM IST | Ainie Rizvi
Image for representational purpose only

IN PHOTOS: Explore Zoroastrian cuisine with this Navroze guide in Mumbai

Spring is off to a new start—Navroze is a great time to explore Zoroastrian cuisine if you haven’t already [Report by: Nasrin Modak Siddiqi]

17 March,2024 01:55 PM IST | Editor
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